Web for filmmaker Álvaro Congosto


Bilingual wordpress website for Filmmaker and Videographer Álvar Congosto. Front and back-end development upon desings and ilustrations performed by Alfredo Copeiro. Do not miss the hover animations in the header!

www.zennio.com website (and country specific sites .co.uk / .fr / .com.au / .de)


Website for Zennio Avance y Tecnología S.L., a home automation manufacturer. The site was rebuild with Symfony 2 from a previus version. Initially, the job included an intensive task of web scraping and html cleaning in order to transfer the … more

Zennio RMA management web application


Web application developed for Zennio Avance y Tecnología S.L, for coordinating the RMA’s (Return Merchandise Authorization) workflow between customers and internal departaments in the company. The application handles RMA notification, acceptance, supervision by staff, internal comunication among several departments, and client … more

Blog and online art gallery for Soraya Estefana

Sorayaestefana art gallery

Web site, art gallery, shop and blog for spanish painter Soraya Estefana Gómez. The project includes a custom CMS for managing contents on the site and all the paintings and categories of the shop. The order process integrates PayPal as … more

Management application for Viman S.L.

vimain application

(work in progress) Web application for managing and coordinate serveral home repairment services. The application handles the authentication of users and allows them to notify serveral types of home breakdowns and track the evolution of their notifications. The administrator may … more

injoyingjapan.com e-commerce site from scratch

injoyingjapan screen

PHP / MySQL e-commerce site developed during late 2009. Devoted to japanese design products. Full project from the design of interface and logo to frontend and admin backend development, was acomplished by myself. (I no longer attempt to ‘graphic design’ … more

ruartecontract furniture factory


Site for a furniture contractor and factory, launched in 2010. Shows their projects and collections portfolio. The main site has been developed with PHP and MySQL (no framework) and WordPress its been used for the blog section and home teasers. … more

descritoediciones.com online bookstore

descritoediciones home as may 2013

Online bookstore both for selling hardcopies and ePub/pdf versions of the books from this publisher from Toledo, Spain. Web intereface design was provided by the client, crafted by Alfredo Copeiro. The site provides an administration backend for the publications and … more

Local fuel distribution application for agudogasoleos.com


Faustino Agudo e Hijos S.L. needed a web site and a web application for getting their customers fuel orders in the area of Toledo, Spain. The application allows the owner to upload daily prices for several fuel products that the company distributes … more

albaalegria.com a site for a sworn translator

sworn translator alba alegría

Website for translator Alba Alegría Matamala. Developed upon Symfony 1.4 with designs provided by the client. A custom CMS was developed leveraging the use of Propel 1.4 I18n behaviours for internationalized content. The CMS provides the functionality to set up translation … more

estudioballoon.es architecture portfolio

estudioballoon screen

Flash / AS3 portfolio site for the spanish architecture studio ‘estudioballoon’. The content management its done through a loaded XML document which holds the structure of project navigation. The logic of this document allows the client to easily sctucture the … more

En Tu Cabeza Rock Music Festival flash site 2008 and 2009


This is one of my firsts sites. Developed for a music festival which was orginized by a friend of mine back in 2008 and 2009. The original site its currently offline but there is a copy of if in here: … more