En Tu Cabeza Rock Music Festival flash site 2008 and 2009


This is one of my firsts sites. Developed for a music festival which was orginized by a friend of mine back in 2008 and 2009.

The original site its currently offline but there is a copy of if in here: entucabezarock 2008 flash site

A slightly different version was done for the 2009 edition of the festival.

The site was fully developed in Flash + ActionScript 3. I provided the interface design and programmed all the interaction. Please, do not miss the fancy cassette simulations (which you can play) on each band profile … I’m still ‘humbly proud’ of that piece of work :-)

4_2_etcr08On the 2008 edition, along with the flash site I also developed a simple forum and news wall with PHP + MySQL… which just did the job for a few months. Nowadays I can just provide a screenshot of that.


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