www.zennio.com website (and country specific sites .co.uk / .fr / .com.au / .de)


Website for Zennio Avance y Tecnología S.L., a home automation manufacturer.

The site was rebuild with Symfony 2 from a previus version. Initially, the job included an intensive task of web scraping and html cleaning in order to transfer the old contents to the new database.

A custom CMS was developed to manage multilanguage content for regular pages, products, categories, F.A.Q.’s (related to products) and videos. For the blog area WordPress has been used.

The back-end leverages the use of SonataAdminBundle and SonataMediaBundle along with a bunch of tailored bundles to manage internationalised content and the customization of several admin user interfaces.

The site includes an API to serve content dinamically to a set of branch pages: zennio.co.uk, zennio.fr, zennio.com.au, zennio-deutschland.de. The reason for this is to allow the country-specific-sites to embed centralised content, automatically updated, along with the capacity to add arbitrary localy relevant content. These dependent pages are built upon WordPress entirely, for which a plugin was developed to interface with the zennio.com API. In this development, the use of the Symfony Serializer Component was essential.

The design was provided by the client, based on a WordPress Theme (the one used in the country specific sites).

Further development is taking place currently for building a technical documentation and downloads database, linked to an externalised document repository. This will ease the updating of document links from product pages and also ease application maintenance (takes all downloadable files out of the application path in the server).

I18n: Spanish + English + French + German

Developed upon Symfony 2.0 and later upgraded to Symfony 2.2

link: zennio.com

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